DJS Research

DJS Research Ltd is an international market research agency based in Strines, Stockport.

DJS Research Ltd is an international market research agency based in Strines, Stockport. Trusted IT have worked with DJS for several years, helping the company grow from a small, five-person office to a multi-national business with more than 250 employees across the UK.

Our first contact with DJS Research was to supply them with several laptop computers, which we configured and installed with tailored software solutions. Following this, the agency contracted Trusted IT as their on-going IT suppliers and we have been able to support DJS during a period of incredible growth over the past five years.

As part of this, we were able to complete a full office move of the entire research agency’s data and communications structures in one weekend, with no downtime. This was vital for DJS, as research was carried out 9-7 Monday to Friday at the time (it is now taking place seven days a week) and any downtime would have resulted in a loss of business and thus a loss of revenue. We successfully moved more than 100 workstations and also installed a secure server room, as well as more than 15km/10 miles of cable infrastructure and commercial Wifi solutions to accommodate the entire office.

Following the success of this project, DJS Research Ltd made the decision to move away from an in-house IT services team to our [unlimited pro-active IT support] package, which includes regular on-site visits from one of our technicians.

Trusted IT has been a fantastic partner for DJS Research. They have been pro-active – both in terms of the support they offer and in offering their advice and expertise, and the decision to move from using our own internal IT team to their unlimited support solution was made easier following the years’ of high quality service they have provided. I would recommend Trusted IT to any small to medium sized enterprises seeking to grow, and to have their systems grow with them.

Matt Coulling, Operations Director at DJS Research Ltd


The Challenge

A major supplier of market research solutions wanted to rationalise their internal systems for communications, conferencing and collaboration and asked Trusted IT to undertake a project to facilitate their migration from a Google Apps orientated ecosystem, which required significant third-party add-ons, to an integrated solution using Microsoft 365.

DJS Research Ltd have a large user base – in excess of 120 individuals and their associated peripherals – serving a range of national and international clients seven days a week across two main premises and numerous satellite offices. As such, they require access to their cloud systems at all times, and it was important to ensure users did not experience downtime during the migration.

Our approach

We undertook a detailed scoping exercise, aided by the fact that DJS Research are already customers of our managed IT services, to understand potential solutions and outline associated pros and cons.

We planned and delivered a staged migration across the course of three weeks, with both technologies operating simultaneously as individual users were transferred in to the Microsoft 365 environment. On completion of the migration, with all users situated within Microsoft 365, the Google Apps integration was removed following full data backups to ensure recoverability.

our solution

Our solution allowed more than 100 users to seamlessly transfer on to a superior, more integrated and more streamlined cloud productivity system when compared the previous “Google Apps plus” model that had been adopted piecemeal over the course of time as the agency had grown.

Since the migration, DJS Research have been able to significantly outperform the market – particularly during the Covid-19 – in terms of their remote capability and productivity and the company is also future-proofed against additional growth or expansion moving forward.

The company has invested increasingly in Microsoft 365 as its platform of choice and utilises a range of connectivity and collaboration tools within the cloud, including Teams, Stream, Office as well as practical tools such as Microsoft Exchange email servers.


Working on a global scale with organisations such as Adobe, Hill-Rom, Dupont and the British Council, there is an expectation that we as an agency are able to work collaboratively and effectively across distance and time zones whilst still being responsive enough to be able to ‘jump on a call’ immediately on a platform that is usable for all of our clients. The migration undertaken by Trusted IT has allowed the research and operations teams at DJS to deliver the same – and even improved – outcomes to clients in one of the most challenging periods during the company’s history: COVID-19. We really appreciate their advice and support in future-proofing our capabilities.
Elliot Simmonds
Research Director