IT Support

Trusted IT has been providing IT support to businesses customers (including start-ups and SMEs) since 2003, and our experienced in-house team is able to offer support on an ad-hoc or pro-active basis to businesses and organisations in a wide array of sectors.

Managed IT

You’re great at what you do, so don’t let dealing with IT hassles get in the way. Improve the performance of your business and save valuable time and money with a fully managed IT solution from our team of experts.

Cyber security

The cyber landscape is constantly evolving, with more complex and sophisticated events appearing on an almost daily basis. Attacks are happening at a greater rate than ever before, posing an enormous threat to organisations of all sizes. 


Cloud Computing has revolutionised the way people work. Gone are the days when getting things done meant working at a desk in the office – today, we can whizz through our to-do lists from anywhere at any time, and it’s all thanks to the Cloud.


Connections are everything in business.  Ensure your company is connected at all times and running smoothly, wherever you may be, with Connectivity services from Trusted IT.


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